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Proandre Foam Dispenser

It provides homogenous and soft foam through a modern valve system. The foam allows a decrease in the product consumption, and a reduction of the 50% in the consumption of water, making it profitable and respectful with the environment

It is equipped with a translucent window that guarantees the correct control of the product consumption, and reinforced with an integrated lock.

Provided by an anti dripping valve that avoids the wasting of product

Available in white and inox.

Simple installation.

Several uses: Toilet Seat Cleaner, Prohand, Anti Bacterial, Hand Sanitizer, Pro-Dermo.

· Dispensers / box: 20 u.
· Dispensers / pallet : 320 u.
· Refills 800ml/ box: 6 u.
· Refills 400ml y 300ml/ box: 12 u.
· Refills 800ml / pallet : 576 u.
· Refills 400ml y 300ml / pallet: 1152 u.

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Open Foam Dispenser
Open Foam Dispenser
Foam Dispenser
White Foam Dispenser
Foam Dispenser
Chrome Foam Dispenser
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